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Cerebrovascular Imaging

Using innovative neuroimaging modalities, megadata analytics, and cutting-edge machine intelligence models, we devise novel tools for diagnosis, prognostication, treatment planning, and development of new therapeutic targets in patients with traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic, and ischemic stroke. We apply a holistic approach combining advanced cerebrovascular imaging with clinical and laboratory findings from multi-institutional collaborative datasets with a goal of advancing the timely diagnosis of brain pathologies, effective treatment triage, and devising targeted therapy in patients with brain injury and stroke.

Brain and Neck Oncologic Imaging

The first step in precision oncology is accurate diagnosis, risk-stratification, and phenotypical characterization of tumors based on genetic predisposition, biological behavior of the neoplasm, and anatomical extension of primary tumor lesions. Publicly available mega-data and machine-learning algorithms have paved the road for development of novel multivariate diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. We combine anatomical and structural morphology with quantitative imaging features, genomic data, and clinical information to provide noninvasive diagnosis, accurate prognostication, and treatment guidance in patients with tumors of brain and neck.

Brain connectivity in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders

Brain connectivity in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disease: Applying diffusion tensor imaging, we gain an insight to microstructural integrity of white matter tracts in the brain. With innovative image processing methods, we evaluate brain microstructure together with functional connectivity measurements from functional MRI. Integrating multi-modal metrics from these two complementary imaging technologies, we will study microstructural and functional connectome of the brain and their changes in children with neurodevelopmental disorders and adults with neurodegenerative disease. We utilize the multi-modal assessment of brain microstructural and functional connectivity for timely and accurate diagnosis of neural disorders, and monitoring of treatment response, with regards to connectome plasticity.

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