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CTA Radiomics Data 

The four compressed .csv files provide the values of all extracted radiomics features for the Yale and Geisinger datasets described in Avery et al., 2022. These radiomics features were extracted from the bilateral middle cerebral artery (MCA) territories of each patient’s admission CTA. A separate file is provided for discharge (short-term) and 3-month (long-term) outcome cohorts for the Yale training/cross-validation (CV) dataset, independent Yale dataset, and external Geisinger dataset (3-month – long-term – outcome cohort only). The files are titled accordingly and include:

Radiomics _YaleTrainingCV_LongTermFollowUP.csv
Radiomics _YaleIndependent_ShortTermFollowUP.csv
Radiomics _YaleIndependent_LongTermFollowUP.csv
Radiomics _Geisinger_LongTermFollowUP.csv

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